• Introduction

    A unique natural blend of Herbagut and a Probiotic (B infantis) to manage symptoms of Functional Dyspepsia

  • Composition


    Herbagut – 400 mg 

    B infantis – 1 Billion cfu

  • Indication

    Functional Dyspepsia

  • Product Information

    What is Digespur?
    Digespur is a unique combination of nutraceuticals and probiotic, blended in best in class manufacturing capacity

    What does Digespur contain?
    Digespur is a combination of proprietary blend of 14 time-tested ingredients (Herbagut) and Bifidobacterium infantis 1 billion Cfu.

    What is Digespur for?
    Digespur is indicated in the management of Functional Dyspepsia and improving overall GI health.

    How does Digespur help?
    The proprietary blend of 14 time tested ingredients and Bifidobacterium infantis help in maintenance of intestinal wall and tackles the leaky gut.

    What are the benefits of Digespur?
    Digespur reduces the troublesome symptoms of functional dyspepsia like abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, bloating, etc.

    What are the side-effects of Digespur?
    Hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients.

    Recommended usage:
    1 capsule 2 daily for 28 days

    Directions for use:
    1 capsule to be consumed along with water after food

    under normal room temperature