• Introduction

    The most effective Vitamin D with advanced technology – Thinoral Tech, a Fast Dissolving oral thin film. A unique drug delivery solution that offers successful delivery of drug molecules through buccal route. Also, ensures highest 25(OH)D levels compared to Vitamin D granules & nano-solution. Dissolves in just 10 seconds. Ensures better compliance over traditional Vitamin D

  • Composition

    Cholecalciferol 60000 IU per film

  • Indication

    Vitamin D deficiency

  • Product Information

    What is D3SIP strips?
    D3SIP strips contains cholecalciferol 60000IU and is indicated in Vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency

    What does D3SIP strips contain?
    D3SIP strips contains cholecalciferol 60000IU

    What is D3SIP strips for?
    D3SIP strips is indicated in Vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency

    How does D3SIP strips help?
    D3SIP strips provides 60000 IU of cholecalciferol which helps in supplementation in patients with vitamin D deficiency.

    What are the health benefits of D3SIP strips?
    D3SIP strips replenishes low levels of vitamin D in patients and thereby augments all the physiological processes in the body which require vitamin D, for. E.g. absorption of calcium

    What are the side-effects of D3SIP strips?
    Not observed at recommended dosage levels

    Recommended usage:
    D3SIP (60000IU), one strip per week for 2 to 3 months

    Directions for use:
    Place the strip of D3SIP strip on the tongue. The strip dissolves in around 10 secs.

    Store under normal room temperature.